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Who we are

广西快乐十分app www.w9b2w.cn Hotcourses International is part of the IDP Connect. Founded in 1996 and with over 300 employees in offices in London, Sydney, Delhi, Chennai and Boston, the IDP Connect has built the most comprehensive course search comparison websites in the world.

Hotcourses Abroad lists all degree opportunities (currently over 350,000 programmes) available in 78 destination countries. Through Ultimate Search students can find detailed course information and match their grades and IELTS scores against university entry requirements. They can also download prospectuses, contact institutions and read real student reviews. Our extensive articles and videos section guides students through all stages of the study abroad journey, from research, application and securing a visa, right up to career opportunities after graduating.

Hotcourses International has country-specific editors and digital marketers who are responsible for writing local language content and managing social media activity for students from a range of countries. For Indian students, Hotcourses India offers a virtual counselling service.

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The Team

Simon Emmett, CEO, Hotcourses Inc.

Studied at: University of Warwick

Studied: Economics BSc

Role: ‘To lead and implement the Hotcourses’ global strategy. I believe Education improves lives. I’m committed to building products and services that help our users find the right university or college. I’m committed to investing in, developing and rewarding the Hotcourses team. And I’m committed to our charity in Kenya which funds the Education of over 3000 HIV affected children.’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...: ‘Sports Management at New York University’

Andrew Wharton, Managing Director, Hotcourses International

Studied at: University of Nottingham (UK)

Studied: Law L.L.B.

Role: ‘‘I’ve been with Hotcourses since 2002 and recently returned to London after launching our Australasian operations in Sydney. I’m responsible for the direction of our diverse range of websites for international students, as well as our Virtual Agency operations.’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...: 'I'd take advantage of the partnerships that many universities have with counterparts in other countries in order to experience a range of countries & their cultures. A combination of New Zealand & its incredible natural beauty; Kuala Lumpur & Malaysia for its diverse culture; and finishing with the glitz and glamour of the American Dream would be an amazing lifestyle eye-opener to take away with my degree.’

Neil Pearson, Chief Technology Officer, Hotcourses Inc.

Studied at: University of Exeter (UK)

Studied: English and Fine Art B.A.

Role: ‘Whilst ultimately I am responsible for all the tech stuff, I largely float around with quasi-annoying opinions on practically anything. I’m particularly interested in the speed and marketing of our sites, as big new steps forward in what the user can do.’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...:Architecture in Singapore. Would love to study architecture and Singapore has a lot of modern designs to draw inspiration from. Either that or a gambling degree in Vegas, if one exists...’

Santhosh Reddy Mandadi, Lead Developer, Hotcourses International

Studied at: Osmania University (India)

Studied: Computer Applications M.A.

Role: ‘I’m responsible for implementing innovations suggested by web ex team and making sure they run efficiently on the site. The challenging tasks in dealing with website development are performance and usability. Hotcourses delivers the best usability features with very good speeds which in turn help students to choose the right course at the right time.’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...:M.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in the USA’

Beilin Wu, Product Manager, Hotcourses International

Studied at: Cardiff University (UK)

Studied: International Public Relations M.A.

Role: ‘I'm responsible for providing the best user experience and making sure the Hotcourses brand is known worldwide’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...: ‘I would love to study Industrial Design in the UK because I need to release the creativity trapped in me or Environmental Science in the Netherlands because I want to save the earth.’

Our content authors
Raif Howley

Raif Howley (UK)

Studied at: University of Sheffield (UK)

Studied: Journalism

Role: ‘My role is to make studying abroad as accessible as possible for international students by providing digestible articles, videos and news. Whether it’s videos made by students themselves, Q&As with academics, or the latest updates on visa policies, all of the content is unique and current. I've studied on the NCTJ-accredited University of Sheffield Journalism course, which has recently been voted the UK's number one for journalism in the Guardian's University League Table. I will look out for any mentions on social media, and will always be happy to help with any queries on your study abroad journey.’

If I could study abroad today, I’d study...: 'I am a huge football fan so I would try to get a sports scholarship at a University in the USA, the sports facilties there are amazing!’

One of the best

Hotcourses was selected as one of the top 100 ‘The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For’ in 2012. The list was compiled from the views of over 246,000 employees from 828 different companies on everything from how well they got on with their managers to how far their company went towards supporting the environment. We’re really proud to be involved in such a prestigious competition and hope to keep up the great work for a long time to come.

ABCE accredited

The traffic for Hotcourses websites is audited and independently verified by the UK's internet traffic standards body, the ABCe.

ABCe aids the buying and selling of advertising through independent certification to industry-agreed standards and metrics. To find out more about these industry standards visit their web site, www.abc.org.uk

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